1. Tanning Tips No 1: Did you know that dry, white & unhealthy skin reflects the first 1 to 2 minutes of your tanning time? Solution: Applying a good quality tanning lotion right before your session will make sure your skin doesn’t reflect any UV light – so you don’t waste your time, your money or your tan!!!
  2. Tanning Tips No 2: Tanning indoors is just the same as tanning outdoors… think of it this way, when you are on holiday you go out in the sun everyday (or nearly) but for moderate times. If you tan on a sunbed more frequently, you’ll develop a great tan that will last for longer. Remember… 3 or 4 shorter sessions a week will give you a better tan than just one big tanning session on a Friday!
  3. Tanning Tips No 3: We know you want the best tan… Here’s a promo video for the best tanning lotion we have got – JWOWW – Exclusively available on sunshinesupermarket.com
  4. Tanning Tips No 4: When we reach our tanning plateau, it is usually down to the amount of melanin that our skin can produce. This stop’s us getting to the next level and is caused by poor cellular health in our skin. Solution: Try a Level 3 Lotion that has advanced Tyrosine & Melanin Boosting Technology in it like Aussie Gold ‘Primal Instinct’ this has a great blend of advanced bronzing technology.
  5. Tanning Tips No 5: Men’s skin is thicker and stays dry for longer. This can cause poor skin conditioning and less tanning potential. Solution: the new Gentleman Range of Lotions contain coconut juice to scruff the skin and prep it for a great looking tan – watch the video now –
  6. Legs don’t tan as well as other parts of our body… this affects a lot of people and mostly women. This is due in part because of less blood circulating in the legs, and blood is essential in the production of the tanning pigment Melanin. Solutions to try:
    • A Tanning Lotion with Melanin Bronzers
    • A Lie Down Bed rather than a Stand-Up
    • A light ‘Tingle Lotion’ will stimulate more blood flow
  7. Why wear Goggles when using a Sunbed? Goggles are an important part of ‘safe tanning’ and we should definitely wear them every time we tan, even when on holiday a good pair of sun glasses is essential. UV Light penetrates the eyelid easily and over exposure of the eyes to UV light can cause temporary and long term damage to the visual optics of the eye. Solution: Buy a good pair of quality Goggles and you will get 99% protection from any damage!
  8. Smart Tanners choose 0.3 – new 0.3 regulation sunbeds are a safe output designed to provide you with a deep, long lasting Tan without the risk of sunburn. This is the new Smart Tanning Revolution and your local Tanning Salon should have this option available – ask in-store for details on how to get the safest possible tan in the UK. SunshineSupermarket.com – Leading the smart tanning revolution!
  9. Moisturised healthy skin will prolong your tan for longer, but did you know that normal everyday shower gel’s & moisturisers contain ingredients that will strip your tanned skin cells away. Solution: Specific Tan Extenders such as AG Forever After contain active ingredients that continue to nourish the skin and carry on the tanning process for up to 24 hours.
  10. Tanning Sessions (indoors or outdoors) provide essential Vitamin D – The body manufactures Vitamin D when exposed to UV Light, this Vitamin is essential for many health reasons and helps to improve vital balance in the hormonal system. The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ can help improve skin conditioning & emotional well-being.