Which sunbed cream do I choose?

With so many to choose from, choosing the right sunbed lotion for you can often be a daunting prospect. Our handy little buying guides are designed to help.

Here are our some of our top tips to get you started…

Sunbed creams fall into one of 3 main categories:

  1. Intensifiers / Accelerators – these are basic sunbed creams that will hydrate and moisturise the skin whilst tanning on a sunbed. They contain added botanical ingredients that help your skin to accelerate the tanning process. The result… a darker, faster tan that will last longer and will not fade as quickly as not using any lotion at all.

    Intensifying Creams

  2. Bronzers – these have all of the same ingredients and advantages of an accelerator but contain extra natural plant extracts that will make your skin tan darker and more quickly. Some of the main bronzing ingredients used by Australian Gold are Black Walnut Shell Extract, Grape Seed Oils and Tyrosine Blend. These added ingredients will give your skin a darker colour in just one sunbed session. Leaving you with a sun kissed look straight away.

    Bronzing Creams

  3. Advanced Bronzers – these contain cosmetic bronzing technology and advance the tanning process even more. High end Tanning Lotions and Sunbed Creams contain additional ingredients such as DHA, Erythulose extracts and Mahakkani Extracts to develop a rich golden, tanned look right out of the sunbed. Because these bronzers are more technical, you need to make sure you apply them evenly in a circular motion onto your skin. As a general rule… Sunbed creams in the £45 and over range will contain these type of bronzers… If you want to look like you have just come back from 2 weeks in Barbados… these are the Sunbed Creams for you!

    Bronzing Creams